Towards a Research Program for eBlack Studies (also available as word document)

Digitization of Experience
Malcolm X: A Research Site A comprehensive knowledge portal including speeches and sound files
Cyberhair Several databases on Black hair: salons, books, websites, and combs
Cyberschool Web pages on local Toledo schools

Digitization of Scholarship 
eBlack Studies Journals, organizations and degree programs relating to Black Studies
BAD (.xls document) A database of African Americans who have earned doctoral degrees, 1876-1943

Digitization of Discourse 
H-Afro-Am An online discussion list open to scholars, students, and others interested in Black Studies
Malcolm X: 1990/2001 A cyber-resurrection of the 1990 conference "Malcolm X: Radical Tradition and Legacy of Struggle," with current-day discussion and study guide

Murchison Community Center A community technology center in central city Toledo, Ohio
"Social Capital and Cyberpower in the African American Community" A case study of a community technology center

Significant eBlack Studies Initiatives 
Guide to African American Documentary Resources on the WWW
, edited by Elaine L. Westbrooks, Metadata Librarian, Cornell University
Africa Web Links: an Annotated Resource List, edited by Ali Ali-Dinar of the African Study Center, University of Pennsylvania
H-Net, Humanities and Social Science Online, a multi-university project of listservs and web resources maintained by Michigan State University

A distributed team of librarians, scholars, and students is at work on these BRAIN projects. We welcome additional volunteers as well as any feedback!

BRAIN is a project of the University of Toledo Africana Studies Program, Abdul Alkalimat, Director